Why coach enthusiasts are the best kind of people

What makes someone get into coaching so much? Why do people love coaches and follow them for their whole lives? Let’s find out.

Just like aircraft spotting or train spotting people love going outdoors and looking out for coaches, writing down companies to check out, or taking pictures to post online to their friends.

People who do this may be interested in what type of specifications the coaches have, where they are located and where they are coming from, which could be from anywhere – even across Europe.

Being able to check a company’s fleet and what they offer through pictures and other attributes about them lead a bus & coach fan to learn more!

Vision Coaches on Tour

Vision Coaches have had people come into our yard to take pictures of our coaches, taking snaps of our coaches for their collections and to post online to show their friends or to maybe keep an online collection. Some of our drivers and staff even collect models themselves, showing their dedication to the coaching industry. Getting a nice photo of a coach hire vehicle can get a coaching service noticed by more coach lovers, getting known more by more people – which makes bus & coach lovers the best fans in the world!

If you’re living far away and would like pictures of our coaches, you can always ask us on social media in which we will be more than happy to help add to your collection, or even if you would just like to see what our coaches are like – we make sure that we can get the images to you as soon as we can!

If you’d like a picture of one of our coaches, just ask us on Facebook or Twitter and we can send you them whenever it’s next possible:

Facebook: Vision Coaches

Twitter: @VisionCoaches


If you’d like to book one of our coaches, don’t forget to contact us!

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