Whisk your group off to Whitby!

When travelling around Yorkshire, you may have come across a town called Whitby, located on the east coast, with an amazing view of the horizon from the beach.

Taking your time looking around Whitby’s fascinating landscapes and buildings, you can find such as Whitby Abbey, an Abbey lost in the ages and now stands as an eroded building for all to witness. Finding nothing interesting about this landmark is a hard thing to do, with its inspirations coming from the likes of the Dracula stories, it’s definitely one to visit whilst spending you time here in Whitby.

The “199” steps in Whitby have to be another reason to visit, starting from Church Street, you climb 199 steps to the top, to be greeted by the amazing view that it comes with. Some people say that there are 200 steps, and even 198, so take it upon yourself to make your own decision whilst on your way up. With the view of the harbour and the rest of the town right in front of you, it becomes a great and satisfying view to look over. With our coaches here at Vision Corporate Travel, we can’t just drive up the steps, that’s cheating!

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a fantastic way for you to take a short trip on a one of the locomotives that they have to travel on. Used as transport during the war, and with it being one of few railways using a steam train left, it’s definitely a place you would want to visit. Being able to see the trains go past in a classy fashion brings out the life in the rail, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Vision Coaches can take you across to Whitby one one of our corporate or executive coaches, transporting your group across from the Liverpool and Cheshire area, and showing you just how well the town of Whitby is doing. Passing through the English countryside along the way, you are able to see all of the scenery fly past as you sit comfortably in one of Vision’s coaches. Make sure that your coach operator is Vision Corporate Travel, for the best possible service:

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