What are you doing in Bournemouth?

Being the largest community in Dorset, Bournemouth is a large area on the south coast of England, east of the Jurassic Coast. From what started out as a place used by fishermen and smugglers, quickly gained popularity after being named in a book by Dr. Granville on the Spas of England. Originally being part of Hampshire, Bournemouth joined Dorset in 1974.

The beach located here stretches for over 7 miles, allowing your long strolls along the beach can take you as far as you’re willing to go! With a great atmosphere and soft, golden sands, you are able to feel the warmth of the city whilst watching the horizon. With hosted events on the beach such as the Wheels festival, there is many opportunities to take, and this is just on the beach alone! With its main season lasting from April 30 to September 30, this is high time for you to explore what these beaches have to offer you.

Bournemouth’s International Centre hosts some of the most known events that you can see across the country, from theatre performances to concerts, meaning that you can see a variety of entertainment here. With live performances such as these, it’s no wonder that Bournemouth has a lot of acts visiting here and wanting to perform for their fans. Getting tickets to a show whilst visiting here should be a priority with the quality of work shown here.

Many spas are available here for use from any part of Bournemouth, with Bournemouth being popular for spas and such, with them being prevalent in their history. Getting in deep and taking time to enjoy a day at the spa can be a great experience for anyone looking for their escape to be a relaxing one.

Located in Bournemouth you can find Oceanarium, an aquarium filled with aquatic animals which can be fun for all ages. With animals such as ones from the great barrier reef, Africa and areas for penguins, there is a wide selection of animals to come and see here. With an interactive dive cage, you can explore and experience how it feels being under the sea with sharks!

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