Come With Us To Chester!


When looking around the North West of England for a great location to visit, Chester is one that comes up a lot. A fantastic place for people of all ages, it has a very big part of history with it. With a great environment for any ages, you can visit in a pensioners group, as a family or with friends, and it makes it just that more fun. You could even take a visit as a school trip – with plenty of educational values.

Just east of the border to Wales, Chester came to life in the 1st century AD as a Roman fortress. With countless years of fascinating history from the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and French. Being one of the only remaining cities in England with a wall surrounding it, even the outer areas of Chester is a place to find so much history.

With a large town, you can enjoy the streets and stores that you can find here, with its rich environment, it features all of the best stores that people know of. The paradise of shopping in Chester is almost unbeatable, and although the town has a lot of history, it does not live in the past. With areas that will take you back, and some areas that you won’t want to forget, Chester can be the place for anyone.

So if you’re looking for a place to get lost in, it’s Chester. Bringing yourself down here brings you the feeling of never wanting to leave, with the perfect town right here in the north west, it’s a great idea to book some fantastic coach hire to take you and your group down there. Taking a coach or minibus to Chester brings such a magnificent feeling about it – showing up to a great city, in great style. To book a coach, contact us:

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