Cruising down to the Cotswolds!

Having a stroll through the English countryside brings out the best in people, seeing all of the beautiful, natural views and being able to explore the towns and villages among it, but is there any ideas that we can recommend?

With the lovely British summer, now is the kind of time you want to be visiting the Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens. With the kind of animals you find at a zoo, you can explore around and find some of your favourite animals, such as Giraffes, Rhinos and Lions. Over 120 acres of land holds over 260 species, all ready for you to enjoy and learn a lot more about them! With a goat petting area for the children, interconnecting tree houses and slides, there is much to enjoy here for people no matter how old!

The outdoors in the Cotswolds are something to behold, with over 5000km (3100 miles) of paths and ways to get around, the Cotswolds are a great place to go hiking or camping, anything that suits your fit. If you love taking in new scenery and some beautiful sights, the Cotswolds may be the place for you. Small towns located in the Cotswolds organize walks for groups of people to be able to see it all, however basing yourself in a town and going on a walk is beneficial to anyone who is just looking for a scenic walk. Hiring bicycles or taking your own is also an option, with featured cycling routes, but also having the ability for off-road cycling.

Being able to take a trip here and explore what the British countryside has in store for you is a great way to spend summer, taking a picnic with your family or taking a long walk through the forests and exploring is something that you can do whilst here, meaning you can relax on the coach whilst taking a ride down there. If you’re interested in watching the scenery even before arriving in a luxury coach or minibus, contact us!

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