Vision Coaches Travel to the Ring of Kerry

When travelling around the beautiful country of Ireland, making sure you travel with a coach operator that you can rely on, as even though being lost in Ireland’s countryside may be a great way to spend a while looking at the views – Vision Coaches can assure that you can do it whilst sitting comfortably.

In the South-West of County Kerry, Ireland lies the “Ring of Kerry”, a circular road around the coast of South-West Ireland, exploring this can give you that enlightenment that Ireland gives to people, showing beautiful countryside, ocean views, and more, such as giving you the chance to tour around and stop off along the route and explore. Taking hikes, biking along a trail or viewing the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean whilst the sun sets, this area of Kerry shows you just how beautiful Ireland really is.

Stopping off to check out Skellig Michael is one of many suggestions to be done along this travel route, the old Irish monastery sites on a large rock out into the Atlantic Ocean. Thought to be built in the sixth or seventh century, it would have been used as a place for worship, but later became abandoned and left to decay.

The small town of Kenmare is located here, and gives a great environment as a place to visit whilst you journey around the Ring of Kerry. Here you can find a little bit of everything, from golf courses to hiking trails, with the town being in between two mountains! With the town being unspoiled, this is easily one of the best places to visit along your tour of the Ring of Kerry.

Vision Coaches offer you and your group an inexpensive travel option for when you want to take a trip to somewhere new. Making sure that you choose the best coach travel operator around is what we’re here for, and we’re sure that we can accommodate every need that you have. Making sure that your requirements are met without bespoke travel packages, you will be more than satisfied with the quality and service you are given. Make sure to contact Vision Corporate Travel if this is what you are looking for!

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