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As the capital of England, and a highly popular destination to visit for both national and international tourists, more and more people are visiting the City of London every year. The home of the queen and location for the Parliament buildings, what are a few things you could enjoy whilst there?

Buckingham Palace is arguably one of the most known buildings in the world, used as an administrative headquarters for the Monarch. Visiting during events, the Queen’s residence is often known due to the flags outside being raised. With almost 800 rooms, it is open to the public every summer, with the ability to visit the state rooms. With Her Majesty hosting events such as garden parties, people can enjoy her company during these times. The Queen also uses the palace as a place for official matters, with the balcony for the building being one of the most well-known things about it. The Royal Family appear here during events or when addressing matters.

london-1572444_640The Eye of London is where someone can go to be able to see the whole city of London from above. At the great height of 135m, the London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. Started in 2000, it has achieved over 85 awards for tourism, and is the most popular attraction in the UK. Now as a well-known attraction, it brings millions of people to London looking to see its sights, and being able to see the horizon over the city.

The Tower of London is a building open to the public, and owned by the Queen, but the first part of the building was finished completion in 1078 by William the Conqueror. Serving as a prison from completion until 1952, the Tower of London has held criminals such as they twins, but the building was not intended to be a prison, but a royal living area. With playing a big part in English history, the Tower of London has been used as many different things, such as a treasury for the queen.

Unknown to some, Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the twestminster-902972_640ower, and not the tower itself. The tower’s actual name is The Elizabeth Tower, and it is located on the north side of the Houses of Parliament. Completed in 1859, the tower has chimed every quarter-hour 4 times, including Big Ben every hour on the hour. Weighing a total of 13.5 tonnes, the Great Bell (Big Ben) weighs around the same as a small elephant. Whilst it is possible to tour The Elizabeth Tower, bookings take place for after 2020, once the tower has been refurbished.

London’s Tower Bridge is another one of the most iconic features of London, was built 120 years ago in an attempt to create a better system for traffic. But yet again, this bridge is one of the most well-known bridges in the world. With a new installation of a glass floor with a panoramic view from the walkway, and the Victorian engine rooms, you can witness the mechanics that go behind lifting the bridge.

london shardThe Shard is the tallest building in the UK, meaning that the sights you can find from this are spectacular. At the top, from floor 68+ are recommended as the best views, with them being at a higher altitude than any other building created for viewing the city. Being able to see 40 miles out in a wide range in a 360° view. Booking tickets to head up is required, and it can even be organised for private hire. Not just used for the sights, you can even spend your morning doing “sky-high” yoga classes whilst taking a look at the ships down on the River Thames. London really does have it all.

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