A Trip To Anglesey

Located on the north-west side of wales, Anglesey is a popular place for those who like the adventure side of things. Connected to the mainland by just the Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge, we’ll see what Anglesey has to offer.

With the Island either being a fast paced adventure or a slow tour of the sights and historic value, there is nothing that you cannot do if you are your group are looking for a certain style.

The Rib Ride is there for the fast paced people who are looking to feel the adrenaline of Anglesey, being able to take a speed boat under both the Menai Suspension Bridge and Britannia Bridge, entering the “Swellies”, which has shipwrecks and whirlpools. The Rib Ride gives the ability to end your journey wherever you want to explore, meaning you can take a look inside of a cave, a shipwreck or some of the local sea life. With many different types of journeys you can take on the Rib Ride, you can see all of Anglesey from the back of a speeding boat.

Diving in Anglesey is something that anyone can do, taking a look at some of the UK’s natural beauty from the water. No matter an experienced or inexperienced diver, the team behind you have your back. With events on regularly such as diving festivals, people who are in the mood to take a dive always have an excuse to visit. Taking some of your time to visit and take a swim with the sea life that Anglesey has to offer, I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Coming for any purpose to Anglesey makes you want to stay, with whatever you find being something to remember. Keeping your spirits high with more activities across the island of Anglesey keeps you finding more and more things to do, but unfortunately we can’t stay there forever! Booking a coach for you and your group gives you all the chance to watch the welsh scenery as we travel through, taking in the sights, until we come up to Anglesey. To book a coach, contact us:

Call: 0151 424 1030

Email: bookings@gmail.com

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