Tis’ The Season For Southport!

In the north of Merseyside is the town of Southport – known for having a grand seaside and beach area. The perfect location for a family to visit for a day out, for a group looking to take a stroll in the sun or for a pensioners outing who are looking for a lovely day, Southport is the place for you.

Close to the beach you can find Southport Pleasureland, handing you enough fun and enjoyment for a full day. Riding the Pirate Ship or the Wildcat take you high enough to see a wide range of Southport, including the long beach, the Marine Lake, and the Southport Pier. With more than just rides, the Southport Pleasureland has different events happening at all times of the year. Seasonal events are to be loved by the children, with characters of their favourite films walking around the park!

The Marine lake is found just north of the Pleasureland, and can be used for both relaxing and having a picnic, or taking your family out on a pedal boat to enjoy the sun out on the water. Maybe you prefer the motor boats for hire to enjoy a high speed ride on but either way, the marine lake has what you want. Maybe it isn’t on the water, as sitting to the side offers a perfect view of the lake in its tranquil state.

Standing for over 150 years, the Southport pier makes it as the second longest pier in England, standing at 1000m. Another amazing fact is that it is the longest standing Iron Pier in the country. Reaching the end in minutes can also be arranged, with a pier train that can transport you up and down the pier, but they have nothing on our coaches. Travelling to the end and enjoying a nice cold drink on a hot day, or maybe a cup of tea to watch the horizon for a little while.

Either way the 22 miles of coastline can keep you satisfied for hours, meaning that all the sun, adventure and amazement can keep your day full with life. Travelling there for a day trip can be difficult in a group, but we can step in and show you the way, with a swift and affordable quote, you can focus on finding out what you and your group are going to do on your day trip. To book Vision Coaches to accompany you on your travels, contact us:

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