Make it over to Manchester!

Being one of England’s biggest cities, Manchester has a lot to offer when it comes to a fantastic day out. Finding activities for you and a family to experience can be a great day out for anyone – a school treat, a family day out or for a group of friends.

Chill Factor E is a place to visit when looking for a fun time for everyone. No matter the amount of people – whether that be coach sized or minibus sized, can have the time of their lives here. Snowboarding down the ramps at high speeds, or taking your time to practice on the snow, it’s a wonderful experience. Being able to watch people snowboard is fun by itself.

Old Trafford is the home ground for Manchester United, one of the most famous football teams in the world. Being able to take a tour around your favourite players’ dressing rooms, a view of the pitch and even walk on the pitch, you can see the inside of the ground from an exclusive point of view. Being able to take a look through your favourite players’ eyes enables you to feel more of a love for Manchester United and Old Trafford.

The Trafford Centre is a shopping centre that cannot be contested. Its fantastic halls show the enthusiasm of the building, stores decorating either side for you to visit. Seeing the building from the outside is phenomenal, but taking a step inside changes all of that. Featuring the most popular stores available, you can walk out of the Trafford Centre with any item that you wish. Not just a store but including a cinema, and food court with everything you could imagine.

Each with a location for coach parking, these attractions are fit for anyone looking to spend a day out in their group. With sizes of coaches that can fit a group such as a school trip, a family day out or a gathering of friends, you can enjoy your day with reliable and efficient travel. Keeping it simple but stylish means you can focus more on your day.

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