Vision Coaches to the City of Kilkenny

Visiting Ireland with a coach hire service to take you there cannot get easier, with no worries for you or your group – you can enjoy both a relaxing coach journey and the breath-taking Irish countryside, but whilst taking your family or friends out to Kilkenny, what’s so different about life in the Liverpool/Merseyside Area?

Firstly, there is a great castle, in which the city of Kilkenny is known for. With additional features being built onto the castle since it was built for William Marshal, many owners of the castle have added onto it their own style of architecture, making it a cover a large variety of Ireland’s history. Worn by families as their place of residence, the castle has only been open to the public since 1967, in which the building has been used for archaeological excavation, conservation and also having restoration carried out onto the building. Now you won’t find that in Liverpool.

Travelling from Liverpool, you’re bound to be wondering what could wait for you on the other side of the Irish sea that could remind you of home – and to that we say the Smithwick’s Experience. In a mix between both a museum and a brewery tour, the Smithwick’s Experience in Kilkenny allows you to understand the effort that goes in to brewing. With a long and difficult life ahead of him, John Smithwick was able to settle down in Kilkenny and bring joy to the whole city, and the rest of the world. So when you return to your drop off point and fancy a pint – you can tell your friends all about the coach trip you took to visit the Brewery that made your drink.

Travelling to Ireland is done regularly by Vision Coaches, and with many people love travelling over with us, we suspect that it’s a popular destination for the Liverpool Area. Travelling from the Widnes, Liverpool, Merseyside and throughout the rest of Cheshire, we offer you a tailored package for both corporate and executive coach hire – whichever you fancy. Choosing just how you want your travel, you decide everything and all is done for you, we just pick you up at your specified destination, and Vision Corporate Travel will take you there. To find out more – or to book your journey, contact Vision Corporate Coach Hire has your coach hire operator:

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