Finding your travel for Folkestone

Folkestone is located in Kent, and is close to the Channel tunnel that connects the UK to France and the rest of Europe. As a coach hire service that sometimes needs to travel to Europe for major events, this is the way we would take, direct to Folkestone and through. But other than the Channel Tunnel, what else is Folkestone about?

Well as a known seaside resort town, it’s a popular place to visit to be on the south coast of England in some of the warmest weather that we get! Folkestone brings you a wide range of activities from the beach alone, such as promenades, harbours and more, giving you the optimal seaside experience for anyone looking for that.

Further into Folkestone you can find Kingsnorth Gardens, an area that is perfect for spending a day and having a picnic on a day out. This 3.2-acre garden is filled with stunning flower beds, lavish lawns and a weeping ash tree that overlooks a pond, this Folkestone garden works well with its Italian, Oriental and English styles.

With events happening all year round, Folkestone never has a lack of things to look at, such as beach parties, performances and talent shows. Visiting at any time of the year has its benefits, as there is always something going on. Visiting this website you are able to check and book for when you want to go.

With coaches heading to Folkestone multiple times a year for international events, our drivers are well adapted to the roads and travel along the way, giving you the greatest possible route for your needs – whether that be swift or for the scenery. With the beach life being a high point of Folkestone, making sure you bring your sun lotion is a must! But with large storage spaces on our coaches, you can bring all you want! To book a coach to take you there, or even through the tunnel to further places, contact us:

Call: 0151 424 1030

Email: [email protected]