Ever thought about the English Riviera?

Down in the south of England, you can find the English Riviera, however this is just a nickname given to the area of Torbay. Torbay consists of 3 seaside towns known as Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. Located in the south of Devon, this would be the place to visit if your short break was to include lots of beach time.

Torquay – located in the north of the English Riviera, is a town that has grew from a small fishing village and expanded itself into a prosperous seaside resort. With many people visiting this part of the English Riviera, it is a popular base of operations when exploring the Riviera. Finding your way around Torquay harbour has to be something to visit and take a stroll by, with wonderful views of the fishing vessels and yachts, accompanied by restaurants, cafés and bars to watch the sunset over the horizon.

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Paignton – the middle of the three areas that the English Riviera has to offer. Known for its railway and zoo, this could be a second stop along in your coach tour of Torbay. With the ability to explore the only zoo in the English Riviera, it has its own meaning of exploration. Having the website available to plan your visit, you can map out where you want to be and when, with the ability to watch animal feeding at certain times of the day. The Dartmouth Steam Railway passes straight through the English Riviera, and boarding from Paignton allows you to travel in either direction. Being on board an unmistakably beautiful train travelling along the English Riviera gives you the brilliance that was once a phenomenon. We’re not sure how comfortable the seats are in the carriages, but we’re determined that our coaches could beat it!

Brixham – the final stop along the English Riviera, just like the other two started out as a fishing village before turning around and becoming the seaside resort that it is today. With a popular harbour just like Torquay, visiting here could be a brilliant idea if you are a fan of visiting. With a lot of history involving maritime, there are a few museums that you are able to visit around the area. With lots of events happening all around the year, you would be missing out on what Brixham’s end of the English Riviera has to offer. With a large focus on fishing in the town for Brixham, fishing trawlers are seen returning from sea, whilst people are able to watch from the wondrous beaches or from the edge of the harbour.

Finding what you’re interested in can be a huge benefit before taking on the English Riviera, but it does have something for everyone, no matter where you are located. Keeping the seaside resort theme at its heart, the towns along Torbay are some of the most memorable that a person can have, which is a great thing to hear about from people internationally. Our coaches travel there a lot, with passengers heading out for a short break or just for the day, and whilst returning were unable to stop talking about how much fun they had. Join us sometime for your own get away, with your family, friends, or even co-workers, and we can assure that you won’t regret choosing the English Riviera. To book a coach with us, call or email us to contact by:

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