Want to head to Cambridge with us?

We can’t really talk about Oxford in a blog without soon following up with one about Cambridge, as usually when thinking about one, the other comes to mind. With both lavish backgrounds, we decided to focus on what we think would be a good idea for a trip around the area.

Being known as one of the top 5 universities in the world, Cambridge is known for its education at the university level. But with it dating back to 1209, there are many buildings here dating back even before then. One of the buildings is the King’s College Chapel. Taking over 100 years to build, Henry VI started the build and never got to see the finished product. Every year, A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is broadcast internationally from this location as its Christmas Eve service.

The Fitzwilliam Museum being founded in 1816, makes 2016 its 200th anniversary. Filled with art and antiquities, this museum can be found on Trumpington Street. With paintings from across the globe to coins and medals, there is a wide variety to be found over here. With a lot of history behind all of the items here, taking a trip during your time in Cambridge should be looked at.

Taking a tour down the river Cam would give you the opportunity to witness some of the sights from the water. Taking a boat ride along would have you passing the Stourbridge common, passing under the Bridge of Sighs or seeing the back of the King’s College chapel and Clare College.

Visiting Cambridge is a great place for you to live in luxury, with the city being a fantastic place to go, but the city doesn’t have to be the only luxury on your trip. Our coaches come in both a corporate or executive style, meaning that you can travel there and know that your short break will be full of adventure in the most lavish style. To book with us, contact us:

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