Let’s head over to Alton Towers!

If you’re ever feeling adventurous and wanting to go somewhere for a day out with family or a group of friends, try Alton Towers! Located in Alton, Staffordshire and featuring rides for adrenaline junkies and children, this theme park is fit for the whole family. With its world-famous rides such as Inferno, Rita and Oblivion, Alton Towers is the theme park to visit in the UK this summer.

Perfect for staying longer than a day, Alton Towers 3 different hotels. The “Alton Towers Hotel”, “Splash Landings Hotel” (It has its own attached water park!) and “Enchanted Village”, there is somewhere for everyone allowing them to have a magical experience. With fun activities for everyone such as ‘Alton Towers Spa’, ‘Extraordinary Golf’ and the ‘Enchanted Forest Treetop Quest’, there is fun for everyone even when not in the theme park itself.

But when in the theme park – oh boy. 180ft drops whilst feeling 4.5 on the g-force scale on Oblivion, or riding the Smiler with 14 inversions (a world record) can only leave you wanting more. With 9 rollercoasters all ready for you to enjoy, you can reach up to 61.1mph in 2.5 seconds on Rita.

With not just this, areas for children to enjoy such as a Driving School, Frog Hopper and many more, there are a wild variety for children to explore at the park.

If you aren’t familiar with the park, the monorail and sky ride can help you here, with easy access to looking down on all of the rides. With easy access from the start of the park, you can decide which part you would like to explore first.

With all the excitement that can be had at Alton Towers, joining us on our coaches and allowing you to take us there would start the fun before you even reach the park! With comfortable interiors and enriching scenery, Vision Coaches welcomes you to travel with us. Who knows, we may even see the new rides being built!

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If you would like to learn more about Alton Towers, take a look at their website!


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