Tour on down to Tunbridge Wells!

In the east of Kent lies a town called Tunbridge Wells, close to East Sussex. Whether you are travelling through or stopping here on your travel, it is always worth staying a while to check out what is happening around. Known as “Royal Tunbridge Wells”, getting its title from when Queen Victoria visited the town as her regular holiday.

If you’re passing through to look at Dover or the Kent Gardens, Royal Tunbridge Wells is always a great place to stop off on your journey and take a look around, although we can’t guarantee that you will want to leave after being here. Only being 30 minutes by train to London, you aren’t far from the big city. Tunbridge wells offers many attractions and events throughout the year, along with festivals and more that you can check out whilst there.

“The Pantiles” is a long stretch, also known as a colonnade of buildings that you can find in Tunbridge wells. Featuring many specialist shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes, and even a farmers market held here every other Saturday. You can find Jazz bands here playing music as the local and visiting people pass through the town, playing on the bandstand whilst people walk by.

Dunorlan Park is a park open to the public, which has had many events happen in history. Recently, a tea pavilion was built that you can visit, but also events happen here often, which may be an interesting thing to check out. With many dated builds here, such as statues, the terrace or a fountain, it is a great sight to see some of the built up areas of the pre-20th century architecture.

If you would like Tunbridge Wells to be a part of your coach tour, we can easily make it happen. With an ability to stop off at any location, this is one that we recommend. Making the journey here has never been a regret, with the life of the people and the town always being admired by visitors. To book your coach trip, please contact us:

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