Travel over to the Scottish Highlands!

When visiting Scotland, taking a deeper trip in can take you many new places. From John o’ groats to Fort William, Scotland’s highlands are known for their history, getting lost and becoming entranced in the wondrous mountains and lochs.

If you’re looking for Fort William for your first stop off point – or Ben Nevis, then they come hand in hand. Fort William is “in the shadow” of Ben Nevis, with it towering over just nearby. At a high point of 1,345m, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. With the most used way of climbing being the Achintee route from Glen Nevis, people can stop off and climb the mountain with ease.

Whether you want to come to try and find Nessie, or are coming to look at the sights of the Loch Ness, all that we can say is that the sights are always visible! With beautiful scenery all along the Loch, you can rest on the banks and watch over the tranquil waves. With boat trips available from Inverness, Fort Augustus and Drumnadrochit, you can be on the lookout to see if you can spot Nessie, and be the first to take a picture! With around 700ft between you and the bottom of Loch Ness, who knows what you will be able to see down there.

With view in Aviemore that will leave you breathless, this isn’t the only great thing about the outdoors here. With its own Reindeer Centre in Cairngorm, there is nothing that can’t be admired here. Taking hikes around mountains or quad biking to Treezone high ropes – there is plenty to do for the kids. If you’re stopping off on a coach trip for just a few hours on your way further into the range of beauty, make sure to stop off at the Highland Folk Museum, where you can explore some of the Scottish ancestry, looking into their lives and how it was for them.

Glenfinnan is a village sitting amongst the hills of Glen Finnan, and is a great place to visit, especially if a fan of the Harry Potter books. The train scene from the second film featuring the train and the car was filmed in this location, with it having great scenery for any visitors that could come along. Over 100 feet high with 21 arches, the Glenfinnan Viaduct is a great sight to behold. Stopping here along your coaching journey is highly recommended by us here at Vision.

Making the journey is simply bliss, with the scenery making even our most experienced drivers astonished from seeing the vast mountains before them; we’re sure they would love to travel back up there. Booking a coach from Vision would only heighten the experience, with the most stylish of interiors and exteriors, we can assure you will turn heads whilst driving through the towns and villages that the highlands have to offer. With luxury seating, you are able to relax and enjoy everything that comes your way, ensuring the ultimate satisfaction along your journey.

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