Come out to Carlisle

Being the closest large city to Hadrian’s wall, it is also the main industrial, cultural and commercial city in north Cubmbria. Located in the North of England, and North Cumbria, it’s a fantastic location to take a tour to if you’re looking to learn more about the wall, or Carlisle itself.

Hadrian’s wall was built by the Romans, in an attempt to barricade off the rest of Britannia, after they invaded in 122AD. With a fortress every 5 miles down the wall, its quite the sight when looking directly at it. With much of the wall still standing, it has become a tourist attraction and the most popular attraction in northern England at that. Being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, it can be visited the next time you’re heading up to Scotland or to Carlisle. Our Coaches offer a simple travel experience up to Carlisle and Hadrian’s Wall, to ensure that you have the most enlightening experience when travelling with Vision Coaches.

Vision Corporate Travel has travelled everywhere across the UK, and upon excursions to Carlisle, Carlisle Castle is probably one of the most requested destinations. With its rich history, it becomes an attraction for anyone looking for a great experience in both coach travel and educational value. Being 900 years old, (The castle, not Vision Coach Hire) it has had many historical events happen in and around its walls. Built so close to Hadrian’s wall, it was the host of many invasions during its time, and seen many wars. Now open to the public, it can be viewed from the inside as you experience what was built for William II all those years ago.

Vision’s coaches have operated travel to and from Carlisle from Liverpool, showing the people from the surrounding areas of Liverpool and Widnes what Carlisle has to offer,  with many passengers taking tours out there to discover more about Hadrian’s wall or other history about Carlisle. With Vision, you can use a tailored package to add on a booking of a Blue Badge tour guide to show you through the landmarks of Carlisle and the English/Scottish border. When thinking about your travel, make booking simple by contacting Vision Corporate Travel:

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