Take your coach hire tour to Dublin!

When taking any type of trip to Ireland with Vision Corporate Travel, you would most likely take a ferry over with the coach, and the first place you could visit would be Dublin.

Take a look around the Guinness Storehouse, with the ability for you to learn about and understand the art of brewing. Located in St. James’s Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse is a fantastic opportunity for an education in how the average pint of Guinness is made, filled with Ireland’s rich flavours. Starting off a tour fit for kings and queens, this is a great start for anyone looking for travel around Dublin. After an experience, you can taste exactly what you have been watching, taking a pint of Guinness before you continue the travel on your coach hire journey.

The National Museum of Ireland can be another attraction to visit whilst out on your tour with Vision Coach Hire. A museum full of Archaeology is a great way to find out about artefacts from the Irish history and take a look at what life would have been like in the 19 century. Finding a place like this offering so much educational value and more, with you learning more about Ireland and what it has that you have never seen. With Ireland being rich in history, there is so much to be offered here that it becomes an enlightening experience for anyone, and a great example of an opportunity to add to your bucket list of Dublin when travelling with Vision.

The Kilmainham Gaol was opened in 1726, with the intention of being the new County Gaol (Jail) for Dublin. After closing in 1924, it has since become a tourist attraction in 1971, in an attempt to educate any people interested in what lay behind its walls. Being used as a Gaol (Jail) for men, women and children, its prisoners ranged from the worst to the smallest petty crimes, but was used as a prison all the same. Being known as the “Irish Bastille” its large walls have become one of the biggest unoccupied prisons in Europe. If you and your group don’t want to visit this location and see some of Dublin’s most popular attractions, it’s a big miss!

Travelling with Vision Coach Hire, we give you the best possible travelling standards that we can. We offer packaged deals in which you can tailor your own travel package, allowing you to have your ultimate experience of Dublin, using Vision Coaches. With the ability to use either coach or minibus hire, you set your own limitations whilst we set the high standards of travel. See Dublin from a Vision coach and finally understand why we are one of the most efficient and reliable coach hire groups in the business. To contact Vision Coach Travel, call or email at:

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