Short Break by coach to Swansea?

If you’re looking for a place to take your group, why not head on over to Swansea on a fantastic Vision Coach, taking your expectations of coach hire to the next level.

Swansea Bay is a great place to spend a day watching the sea, and spending time with the group that you’re travelling with. The Swansea Bay area is located on the Bristol Channel, on the southern coast of wales. With the Swansea Bay area reaching distances that are far out, it’s also a great place to take a stroll in the sun, having a relaxing day with your friends and being able to watch the sun set over the horizon – if you’re on the right angle. With it never being far away from any of the events in Swansea, it’s a great place to spend some time if you’re waiting on something.

The National Waterfront Museum is a great way to learn the story of the local and Welsh story, through the past 300 years. With emphasis on the Industrial Revolution, the museum shows how the Welsh have gotten through the Industrial Revolution and the effect that it had on communities and people, not just in Wales but the rest of the world too. The National Waterfront Museum is an excitement for anyone visiting the area, giving the opportunity for anyone to have a first-hand experience of the Welsh heritage. With state of the art technology and cutting-edge displays, the facility has a fantastic way to inform you on anything you want to know. With occasional events like showing other exhibits, the museum never loses its charm, with something different at times throughout the year.

Now at the end of the day, if you’re looking for a place to wind down and have a little more fun, Plantasia is located in central Swansea in the Parc Tawe Retail Park, and being a large building, it’s not hard to miss. Being able to spot an array of snakes lurking around, including one of the longest snakes in the world is a great sight and a whole lot of fun to learn about for the family. With the climate reaching that of a rainforest, certain plants and animals can be kept here with the ability to see, learn and interact with them.

Vision Coaches has a wide fleet of both coach and minibuses, both of which are perfect for your use when travelling with your group. As a coach hire operator located in Liverpool, we can take your group from anywhere in the North-West to Swansea, and have a fantastic day out. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends or co-workers, we have the perfect travel arrangements for you when tailoring your coaching travel package with Vision Corporate Travel. To book or contact Vision Coach Hire and use the fantastic coaching services that we provide, call or email at:

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