Bring your group to Cork with Vision Coaches

Cork’s grand city comes with all of its glory, as you find some great sights and buildings here, you get to feel what the local residents do for a short while. Travelling on a coach hire journey with Vision Coaches, you would travel from the Liverpool area or somewhere around Cheshire to be greeted with such a unique but fantastic atmosphere, as you explore the differences from the North-west to Cork.

Fota Wildlife Park is a great example of an area of Cork that you should make sure to visit. With the north west having no popular animal visiting areas other than Chester Zoo or Liverpool’s Knowsley Safari Park, it’s a brand-new experience to take part of whilst you are in Cork. With it being the second largest visitor attraction across Ireland, that statistic alone conveys a great reason to go, as the popularity shows its magnificence. When booking your groups’ coach hire, choosing the Fota Wildlife Park is a great thing to look forward to on your travel.

Cork’s City Gaol was formerly a prison, opened in 1824 it was used for both male and female prisoners that were committing crimes inside of the city walls, rather than outside. Skipping forward to 1993 the Gaol was transformed into a Museum for people to visit and receive a tour of, and with it being hard to come by such a different experience, we suggest looking here. With it being a historic building with such a different atmosphere revolving it, it’s a new experience for everyone – even if visited one before.

Travelling with Vision Corporate Travel to your chosen destinations in Cork takes you all the way from anywhere across the North-west, the Liverpool/Merseyside area, or Cheshire. Bringing your group on an unforgettable coach hire experience that puts the passengers first, we offer a tailored package in which you choose how you travel. To contact Vision Coaches, make sure to gives us a call or email:

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