What’s hot in Greenwich

Greenwich is known as one the place that created Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but it has so much more to offer to a tourist looking to get the most out of the area. From historic buildings and ships to the O2 Arena and even being able to climb it, here are some extra things that you could do that could interest you:


Greenwich Market

With a great market established in 1700, Greenwich Market has up to 120 stalls covering from ranges of food, art, jewellery and fashion, there is much to look at when visiting the market. Located near to the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum, It’s not too far from any other attractions that you may be visiting.



Royal Observatory

Over at the Royal Observatory, many activities are available to take part in, such as tours and talks with astronomers. With a Planetarium and Astronomy Centre, there is an unimaginable amount of interesting things to see and do. Featuring a free interactive Weller Astronomy gallery, you are able to see breath-taking images of space taken from all around the world. Starting out as an observatory in 1675 commissioned by King Charles II, it transformed into a museum in the early half of the 20th century, with the observatory changing locations.


Maritime Museum

As the leading maritime museum in the United Kingdom, this may be the largest maritime museum in the world. With roots into both sea and navigation, Greenwich has a lot of history around it with such examples of this being where the romans landed. Established in 1934, the building also incorporates the Royal Observatory and Queen’s House.


Cutty Sark

Built in 1869 for the Jock Willis Shipping Line, the Cutty Sark was one of the last tea clippers to be built, but was also one of the fastest. Transporting tea from places such as china, she later became owned by a Portuguese company who renamed the ship. After being sold back to the United Kingdom in 1922, the Cutty Sark was used as a training ship under the ownership of Wilfred Dowman. By 1954, the ship was not to be used as a cadet ship for the Thames Nautical Training College and was transferred to permanent dry dock at Greenwich for public display.


Queen’s House

Built in 1616 for King James I’s wife Anne of Denmark, the Queen’s House is easily one of the most important buildings in British architectural history. Today, the building is used to form part of the Maritime Museum to display paintings and portraits, but was also used as a VIP centre for the 2012 Olympic games.



Thames tour/Emirates cable car

With Greenwich being right next to the river Thames, it is a rather busy place with boat tours going along the river. Many boat tours can be taken to see the sights of London from the water, but did you know you can also witness it from the sky? With the Emirates airline cable car, you are able to view the river from up high and see the rest of London. With many operations all over Greenwich, you can view many attractions such as the Olympic Stadium, Cutty Sark and more.



O2 Arena climb

The O2 arena is located right next to the Thames river, and has the second highest seating capacity in the UK just behind the Manchester Arena (formerly M.E.N. Arena). With a stadium this size, you can have the opportunity to climb over it on a platform built specifically, for you to take in the sights on the top.



As we arrive at Greenwich in one of our coaches, you can see just from the sights that the town is full of adventure and exploration. With a great atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to go sightseeing, Greenwich might just be the perfect day out for you. If you’re looking to go on a day trip with a group of friends or others, we can always accommodate your travel needs if none of your party are looking to drive. With exceptional comfortability, you can always find yourself relaxing along your journey.

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