The Mersey Gateway – The Bridge to Prosperity

The Mersey Gateway – The Bridge to Prosperity – The New Halton Bridge

There’s a new bridge in town, and it’s coming further east of our grand Silver Jubilee Bridge.

So what does this mean for our coaches? With all of the traffic, diversions and others road problems, how will Vision Coaches be able to get past all of this?

With us being located on Hale Road, just a road away from the Ditton Roundabout, you may think that we would come into some trouble with traveling to you on time. But you would be wrong.

Vision Coaches prides itself on being the most reliable coaching service in the area, which means that even though the diversions are a problem, our drivers learn all the new routes at a moments notice. Having a map in each room located on our site, the drivers can always check the best route to get to you to ensure you still receive the most optimal service. Our experienced and enthusiastic drivers make sure they check the best possible routes around the area, giving themselves the satisfaction of knowing they are not late for you.


The Mersey Gateway will include a toll which passers by may find slightly overwhelming but be assured – if you live in Halton you can register for a pass. However, when finished there will be a huge amount of benefits for the area. Some of these include:

  • Reductions in traffic, with to the Silver Jubilee Bridge becoming a bridge for mainly public transport and pedestrians making it safer for them.
  • An easier and more efficient way to cross to Liverpool city and Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • The Mersey Gateway Project will invite more Jobs and economic value to Halton

If you would like to find out more just visit the Mersey Gateway website, for example how much tolls are to cross the bridge or anything that you may be curious about.

If you would like to book a coach with us in which we can show you our reliability, book by:

Calling 0151 424 1030 or emailing [email protected]!