Short Breaks / Coach Holidays

Why would you use a coach hire service to go on a short break?

Not all we have at Vision is to do with coaches, having both corporate and executive coaches, we also operate a fleet with minibuses and cars, for your choosing.

Taking a short break with a group using one of our minibuses doesn’t just start when you reach your destination. With our comfortable and reliable coaches, you’re able to enjoy the break before departing. With spacious seating and with 8-16 seats in a minibus, you and your group are able to all gossip along the way with no worries. Watching the scenery go by as you are whisked off to your location, we assure you that you will have no worries when travelling by minibus.

Using a coach whilst for your short break, you and a large group can enjoy the coach, watching the scenery from a higher viewpoint. You and your party are able to arrive to your destination in style, giving you a strong first impression. Both corporate or executive styles are available for this, with executive having the option to be fitted with tables for maximum comfort as you chat to your friends along the journey.

Keeping the flow of the trip going, our drivers make sure that everything is ready for you, including any package deals that you may have requested such as accommodation bookings.

Short breaks can be done a whole bunch of different ways, using cars or even a train, but when using a coach, especially a Vision coach, we give you the assurance of comfortable and reliable travel no matter what. Making sure that the passenger is content and satisfied with the travel is a top priority, keeping our promise of efficient and effective travel from the north west to your destination.

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