Passenger Etiquette

Traveling to a location, event or festival can be a place to hype the upcoming, but as a passenger you also have to mind the driver.

Some drivers may be fine with you having your pre-party/gossip session along the way, but some don’t. It’s not always easy to tell if the driver will accommodate your noisy sessions, but here are some things to keep in mind for when you use one for your trip:


Keeping the noise down

The driver needs to concentrate, getting you to your location in the most pleasing possible manner. By keeping the noise down, the driver gets a clearer head about where he is going and can concentrate on the road easier, ultimately getting to your destination in a gracious manner.


Taking care of the coach

When you’re finished on your journey, make sure to take all of your belongings with you and make sure you pick up any rubbish that you have. Doing this makes the divers job easier and means that the coach is kept up to the maximum standard. If you eat or drink on the coach, make sure not to spill any, or leave crumbs.


Talking to the driver

When on a journey, if you’re bored the driver is usually always up for a chat, but please make sure that they are able to talk as they have to concentrate on the drive. Talking to some of the drivers can lead to an interesting conversation, one that you may not forget for a long time, but always make sure that he is able to talk.


Vision Coaches drivers are always up for a chat, and often find passengers have interesting stories. Some of the drivers even remember some people from a few years ago in their coaching experience.

When talking about hype on the coach, on the way to the Widnes Vikings Away games, where we operate coaches independently for the fans, we organise a “funbus” allowing fans to have pre-match singing fun. Many of our drivers would still be more than happy to accommodate this, but it is still polite to ask.


Inside of a Coach Hire Vehicle

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