Minibus Hire

With a Coach Hire business, everyone forgets about the Minibuses!

Why? When Minibuses are just as good as coaches for their efficiency.

Weddings for example, want to get your bridesmaids to the venue in a stylish and easy fashion? Need to get them all to the reception swiftly after the ceremony?

Minibuses are practically a small coach, still filled with all of the exciting features but on a smaller scale, so what does a minibus feature?

  • Climate Control

Making sure you’re relaxed along the journey is a high priority of ours, and keeping the temperature just right for the journey would allow the passengers to keep a calm, relaxed buzz as they approach their destination. Climate control will always be at the temperature that you set, meaning whether you are too hot or too cold, keeping the minibus air cool enough for you will always be done.

  • Luxury seating

Having seating as comfortable as this sets up a relaxing environment, with excellent padding to ensure that you are seated just right, making the journey so much more enjoyable for you. Keeping the luxurious feeling all the way with our clean and modern style of minibus, 3 point seatbelts are implemented to keep you safe whilst not pressuring you against the seat, enabling you to have maximum comfortability.

  • Spacious

On-board our Minibuses, there is plenty of space for you to sit comfortably, whether that being in legroom or space for storage, there is more than enough on the minibuses that we supply. We know that passengers enjoy having enough space to keep comfortable and not feeling too big, so ensuring that our minibuses have an extensive area to move around and store luggage is something we strive for.

Minibus Travel at Vision Coaches

Whether you’re in a small party needing to go to the airport, a group going for an outing at the zoo or organizing one for the school run, Vision Coaches have exactly what you need. With our minibuses ranging being from likes of Mercedes and Toyota, you can be assured that they are of the utmost quality for you to ride in.

If you’d like to use one of our minibuses for a day trip, wedding, or for a tour around Liverpool, give us a call and we can give you a no-obligation quote!

Call: 0151 424 1030


Minibus Hire at Vision Coaches

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