Irizar i8 – The Technological Masterpiece

The Irizar i8 is the most recent addition to the Irizar coaching line, its new flagship i8, taking over the PB as its top-of-the-range coach. Irizar are calling it “A unique technological masterpiece”, and we think so too.

Featuring new and exclusive i8 seating, with iLeather headrests guarantees that the comfortability of the coaches exceeds the expectations of the passenger. With the coach offering individual interior climate control, it gives the passenger the experience of a lifetime, complete with the luxurious Irizar coach theme. Fitted with a Bosch Professional Line 3 system and DVD and 22” high resolution screens, the magnificence of the coach keeps on rising.

With a modern MMI function featuring a rapid access menu for the cameras, GPS, climate, telephone and media, the driver is able to optimise your experience with any options you like with the fully integrated electronic system. Equipped with touch screen, joystick control and rapid access buttons to use, the system has been improved greatly.

Three point seatbelts are fitted to ensure that the passengers safety is secured along their journey, meaning that they can relax and enjoy the ride.

For comfortability in the toilet, with an electric hand-dryer in the bathroom you can be assured of the hygiene and cleanliness of the coach is always kept high.

For the driver, there is an adjustable seat and steering wheel and full control of the climate systems for the driver, including excellent visibility for the rear-view mirrors making sure that the drive along is the safest it can be.

With Irizar calling this a “technological masterpiece”, it’s clear to see how. With ground-breaking features such as road cameras, Advanced Emergency Breaking System, Adaptive Cruise Control and a great amount of other features that make up a great coach line.


If you’d like to read more, head over to the Irizar website:

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