Irizar Coaches here at Vision!

Recently we bought some new coaches, ones that we’re really proud of and ones that we would imagine our future customers would be enthralled to use.

They come from Irizar UK, in which we now own an i6 model.

The i6 Model includes a list of features such as a DAF MX11 EURO 6 271kw, 369bhp engine, ready for all your driving needs and optimised to the highest quality for this model.

One of our coaches features the ZF AS-Tronic 12-Speed 2700 gearbox, and the other features the Ecolife 6-speed gearbox, giving us the optimal transmission choice.

In the interior we have tables for every chair, and luxury seats, including the standard setup from Irizar which includes a toilet, a Hispacold Bizone Climate System, and i6 reclining seats with iLeather headrests and DVD player, but this is only some of the premium components featured on our i6.

For our drivers, the coach includes many new features. Features include an Actia reversing camera, LDWS (Lane Drifting Warning System) and many more. These great additions enable our drivers to have a great driving experience whilst delivering you to your destination.

On the website, Irizar say “Driving it is a special experience, and travelling in it is a true pleasure”. We agree with this statement completely, with its magnificent structure, and a perfect ride, this coach is second to none and we speak highly of this model to anyone looking to buy one.

You can find more information on this specific model here:

Irizar i6 Interior

With all of its new features, someone from Irizar came out to us to give us a demonstration of the coaches, showing us the ins and outs of this coach. The staff located at Irizar were more than happy to explain thoroughly about the new coaches, and we would highly recommend them; not just for their excellent service but for the quality of the coaches themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about Irizar, don’t forget to check them out:


Irizar i6

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