How to save on fuel consumption

When taking trips anywhere in your car, van, coach or something else – everyone worries about fuel!

Making sure that you don’t use too much fuel when driving long distances is always difficult, with the prices always changing and being too high.

  • Reducing Air Conditioner use

Using the air conditioner in your vehicle increases fuel consumption when driving at low speeds, but when driving at high speeds, it is less noticeable. Always remember that you can lower your windows when thinking about getting fresh, cool air into the vehicle. With a coach, the operator wants every passenger to have an amazing experience, which is why they all feature Air Conditioning/Climate Control features, keeping the temperature to the passengers liking.

  • Purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle

When choosing your vehicle, making sure that yours is well equipped for the road is a good idea. Having a car, motorcycle, bus or coach that can run without wasting as little fuel as possible gives a cost-efficient way of not having to purchase fuel often. This also links into the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and how certain vehicles must be up to standard before entering the city of London.

  • Streamline vehicle

Having a more streamlined vehicle, you are able to cut off a little of the wind resistance. Any roof racks on a car or boxes makes the car bigger and therefore taking more wind. Fuel will be used as the car needs a little more power to drive, so making sure that your vehicle is streamlined is a wise choice. With coaches being a bigger vehicle, you can imagine that the wind resistance that comes with this is large, but some coaches offer a more streamlined front-end. Coaches that we have in our yard such as a NEOPLAN Starliner or Irizar i6 feature curved edges, and with lower wind resistances we are able to reach destinations faster with lower fuel costs.

  • Car weight

When driving your vehicle, having a high carry weight means that you would be losing fuel due to needing more power. Keeping your carry-weight as low as possible allows for more driving with less power, resulting in a lower fuel consumption overall. With a coach hire service taking luggage for the passengers, a coach gets heavy. But with its already heavy weight, there isn’t much of a difference.

  • Not driving over the speed limit

Speed limits are in place for a reason, to keep pedestrians and passengers safe. But following them gives you fuelling benefits. The faster you drive the greater the increase on fuel that you use. When driving faster, fuel costs rise with the speed, with driving at 70mph using around 15% more fuel than when driving at 50mph.

  • Inflated tires

Making sure that your tires are inflated before your excursion can save you money on your fuel. Ensuring that your tyres are well inflated before leaving allows you to drive safer. Having under-inflated tyres means you drive slower, with more rolling resistance against you.


Saving some money on driving could be a difference, so make sure you follow these, and look up some more to make sure you stay on top of how to save on fuel.

If you’re tired of using your own fuel and feel it costs too much, you can use our coach or minibus hire services as an affordable alternative your long travel experiences.

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