Have you ever give Skegness a look?

Skegness has always been a hotspot for holiday-goers in the north of England, and maybe even the south, but that is because of the extensive amount of enjoyment that can be had up there. Whether it be in the town itself or within the surrounding areas that you may visit, this location has something for everyone.

For the average holiday goer – there is a Butlins in the area, a place full of family fun and activities for when you need something to do with the kids. Right next to a beach, you can find yourself taking in the horizon as you tan away, or taking time to spend your days with some of the characters and events that Butlins has to offer. Keeping the excitement high, inside the “main tent” of Butlins you can find stages which host shows daily to keep you entertained during your stay.

The award-winning beaches of Skegness allow a whole new experience, with the ability to try out donkey riding and other activities, making the beach of Skegness a place to visit whilst here.

Ingoldmells is just outside of Skegness, and just like Skegness, it is filled full of activities and adventures for people of all ages. From a bustling market with stalls covering most of Fantasy Island, it is a great place to visit to explore the atmosphere and energy that this area has to offer. Fantasy Island is a small theme park with a free entry to the grounds, but requiring to pay for the rides. At a cheaply cost, they exceed expectations with a large area of rides, including 2 rollercoasters and lots more. If you need something for the little ones, having a ‘Tiny Tots Village Indoor Playzone filled with pedal-cars and more, children can have a ridiculous amount of fun whilst the adults relax during their day.

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