Have you ever been to Bath?

Bath, located in Somerset is a city with something for everyone. Whether that be shopping, exploring, learning or just relaxing, the city of Bath is alive no matter what.

With great history living within the area of bath, anyone looking to learn more about the city – or the romans will have a field day here. With Bath being known for the Roman baths that they have, it shows just how much the romans used this city, and you can go visit and take a look!

Around a 1-hour drive from Bath, you can find Stonehenge. This place is somewhere that many people from all over the world come to see, with it being one of the most famous monuments in Europe. With many questions such as “what was it built for”, anyone’s mind can run free with just being in this place. With it being a short distance away from Bath, we can make sure you visit on your way around the area, turning up in style, just like usual.

Bath Abbey is a building that was made in the 7th century, with restoration being built on the building since. With fantastic architecture both outside and inside of the building, it has 52 windows which covers 80% of the wall space, giving the room lots of natural lights to admire the Bath stone. With the stain glass windows around the building, it’s hard to take note of the beauty of every one of them, and learn the story behind them. There is an organ in the Abbey, with one being originally built in the 1600’s but with the most recent rebuild being in 1997.

If Bath and its surrounding areas sounds like something that you’re interested in, we are always ready and more than happy to escort you and your party down, in either one of our coaches or minibuses. Making sure that you explore as much as possible brings us to our assurance that you can, with the reliability and efficiency of our coaches, the travel is no problem, all you have to worry about is which part of Bath you want to visit first. If you want to book a coach here, contact us!

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