Ever thought about Bicester?

Not far from the famous city of Oxford, Bicester is home to such places as Bicester Village, Garth Park and more, bringing life to the city for everyone to enjoy all year round. But if you’re out of ideas to do whilst in the area, here are just a few things we recommend:

Bicester village

Bicester Village is a store located on the outskirt of Bicester. Featuring stores such as designer clothing and luxury goods, this store is a great place to relax and spend a day enjoying yourself. Well-known brands internationally have stores here such as Burberry and Superdry, making Bicester Village a hotspot for any shoppers looking for a great day – or even for someone just casual shopping.



Garth Park

Whether you are looking for a quiet stroll or a family day out, Garth park has everything you could need. Originally being a hunting lodge in the 1840’s, Garth House has changed many times and after re-roofing, should be viable for use in the future. The park hosting many activities and concerts, it’s a great place to visit at certain times of the year. With its award winning formal gardens, its easily a place to visit whilst you are in Bicester.



Vue Cinemas

Looking for the movies whilst in Bicester and not sure what is there? Vue cinemas is the place you would be wanting to go to. Being based in the market area of Bicester, it is never too far to reach. Almost central to Bicester, you can visit to see upcoming movies and chill out on a lovely day. Being down the road from both Bicester Village and the Leisure Centre, there is always more things to do around!


Many places to go whilst in the town of Bicester, filled with activities that could last a long time, you can travel back from your trip thinking about how much you enjoyed it. But whilst you enjoy the town itself, you can enjoy the coach travel we can provide for you if you require. Whether you don’t want to drive or you find other travel too expensive, we can provide you with exemplary travel arrangements.

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