Come to Coventry with Vision Coaches!

When travelling in Coventry there are lots of things to offer, from a wide variety of museums and parks to relax and explore, Coventry is not a place to miss. With it also being so close to Birmingham, you’re never too far from that little bit extra

Coventry Transport Museum is a great feature to visit, with the opportunity to discover more about transport from experts from things like the fastest car in the world, to the most stylish from all walks of life. Want to see a car from the 1900s? Coventry Transport Museum has that for you. With the possibility to get a tour around the museum, learning more and more about vehicles at this museum is easily something you should take a look it. We’re not sure if they have coaches located here, however if you’re also looking to learn more about those, we know our drivers are full of enthusiasm and information at their fingertips.

Another museum that stands out here and is a great addition to the museums of Coventry is the Music Museum located here. With it being ran by unpaid volunteers, you can tell just how much the staff here care about both music and the museum, and just this alone shows you will have a great experience, with the staff members being so enthusiastic about music. With it having visitors from all over the world, this museum showing off local music is a real hit, and gives a fantastic excuse to take a visit here.

Whether you choose to visit Coventry with Vision Coaches or not is your choice, but we know how much of an interesting place it can be. With not just museums but more, spending a day here with your group is just not enough. Travelling from Cheshire, and based in Liverpool, we can take your group down to Coventry so you can have the best experience with one of the best coach hire operators, making your trip that much easier. To book with Vision Corporate Coach Hire, call or email us:

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