Come join us to Dundee

Dundee is a great place to visit for multiple reasons. Whether that being for an educational purpose, or to see a wide variety of entertaining things about the city’s history, there is always something for everyone, and we’re sure after reading this blog you will know of something for you.

Being well known for its history on carrying Robert Scott on the Antarctic Expedition, the RRS Discovery was the first ship to make a successful journey to Antarctica. After the expedition was over, the RRS Discovery went on many adventures, such as being used as a cargo vessel, and eventually being used again for research in Antarctica. Now stationed in Dundee, the RRS Discovery can be admired from Discovery Point, which has been awarded numerous times as a museum itself.

Being bought in 1991 and turned into a museum in 1996, Verdant Works has become a fascinating area to visit when around the Dundee area. As a museum dedicated to the textile industry, visitors of Dundee’s Verdant Works are able to see many things to do with the city’s economy, with the textile industry once being the main part of it. Employing half the city’s population at the end of the 19th century, it just goes to show much but this place and textiles in Dundee mean to the city.

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