Want to travel to Torquay, or Babbecombe?

Down in the south of England there is so many things to do, sights to see, activities to partake in, and people to see! But down in Torquay this fact doesn’t change, with activities for everyone, it’s a highly recommended place to take a day out or short break away.

Over in Babbacombe, there is a Model Village that is a hit with people visiting the town, taking a look at hundreds of models that are on display. From eras like Medieval, Victorian, Tudor and more, you are able to see different styles of buildings throughout history, and look at them in a smaller scale. With this wonderland of miniature architecture based in award winning gardens, there is no holding back from the beauty that you will see within the area of Babbecombe.

But in Babbecombe itself you are able to take lots of time to explore around! Whether it be the Babbacombe beach, Oddicombe beach or looking at the railway, or even checking out the Model Village in the last paragraph! Babbecombe is a great village in which you can explore, and right after it you can walk over to Torquay, taking a look at the harbour and watching the boats float around in the sea. Here you can take public transport across the south coast, going to Dartmouth, Paignton and many more places.

Over in the Kents Cavern you are able to take tours of the inside of a cave, checking out a natural cave that has been naturally formed. Able to see ores around the cave, you experience the great depths and beauty that were naturally formed under the ground, around 400 million years ago. This is the type of area that would have been used as a shelter for humans millions of years ago, being able to set up here and be safe from any predators and weather that may come down.

Taking a short break here is a wonderful place to visit when you can, taking in the atmosphere of the area and watching the lively streets go by, whilst the water out at sea stays calm. Ensuring the coach trip is as fun as it can be with a destination like this, your excitement will be through the roof. So many things to do here but so little time to fit in a week! If you would like to book your trip, contact us!

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