Newcastle is not so far away!

Being in the north of England, Newcastle isn’t too far from people looking towards it with the opportunities that it offers. Known as Newcastle for a nickname, it’s real name refers to the river which runs through the city, making it Newcastle upon Tyne. On your way to Newcastle, make sure to check out the […]

Let’s go to Leicester

Leicester has been on the uprising with visitors recently with a spike in popularity since their football club won the Premier League, but there anything else that a group can find to have a reason to visit? If you’re someone who is into learning a lot, Leicester is a fantastic place to visit, with museums […]

Down to Dover!

Dover is the one of if not the closest place to France from the UK, and is a place Vision has visited often in the past. Dover is also close to Calais, in which Vision took students to help out refugees after the daughter of our staff member Anne, volunteered to help out with her […]

Start your Southend-on-Sea trip!

With so many leisure attractions and activities, there is no lack of adventure for both children and adults, Southend-on-Sea makes the perfect place for a family to venture to. Adventure Island is a fun park aimed at kids of all ages, giving them the energy outburst that you could need on a holiday to Southend-on-Sea. […]

Come With Us To Chester!

Chester When looking around the North West of England for a great location to visit, Chester is one that comes up a lot. A fantastic place for people of all ages, it has a very big part of history with it. With a great environment for any ages, you can visit in a pensioners group, […]

Book Your Travel To London!

As the capital of England, and a highly popular destination to visit for both national and international tourists, more and more people are visiting the City of London every year. The home of the queen and location for the Parliament buildings, what are a few things you could enjoy whilst there? Buckingham Palace is arguably […]