Canterbury with your group with Vision Corporate Coach Hire

When think of Canterbury, most people would think about the Cathedral, and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s place of residence. With more to see than just a few small attractions, taking a look at Canterbury from any angle can show the best in the city, and we’ve got the perfect coach hire to show you that.

Travelling from Cheshire, we pick you up from your chosen destination with your group, taking you on your trip to Canterbury – in which you can see St Augustine’s Abbey. Built after AD 597 by St Augustine, the building was used as a mark to mark the restart of Christianity in the south of England. Being used for many different reasons such as a burial ground, or a place of worship. Now part of the Canterbury World Heritage Site, visitors can come and witness the building in all its glory, standing just outside of the cities walls.

Visiting Canterbury with Vision Corporate Travel, it’d be a shame to miss out on the historic side of Canterbury. With it being famous for its vast range of history, taking a step in the Local History Museum is one of the small steps to take towards learning about a whole new world. Finding stories inside about different walks of life from around Canterbury and Kent, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons to the Great War, this interesting building is a definite stop off location for you and your group when travelling with us.

Get your bookings sorted with Vision Coach Travel as your travel operator, creating the perfect opportunity for your group to embark on a new trip. Get out to a new destination such as Canterbury, with the knowledge that your travel is taken care of, and ready for you. Travelling for just the day or a short break – Vision Coach Hire has exactly what you need. To book, contact Vision Coaches today:

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