Ever wondered what to do in Windsor?

When you think of Windsor, what do you think about? Windsor castle is probably one of the things that comes to mind.

Windsor castle is one of the residences for the Royal Family. As one of the most famous castles due to its association with the royal family, it is the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Built by William the Conqueror in the decade of 1070, the castle started out as a motte and bailey castle, with added features to create it into a defensive castle, covering the river Thames and only a short way to London. After many rebuilds or additions to the castle, and being used almost over 1000 years, it has seen many royals in its halls, such as the well-known Henry VIII. With a great view of the palace from the “long walk”, you can embrace the castle in all of its glory.

It is possible for visits to Windsor Castle through tours, being able to look at all of the history that the castle brings with it.

Legoland is a theme park located in Windsor, and is a great day out for everyone. It is the biggest Legoland park in the world, and the only one located in England. Whether that being a day out for the family or for a group of friends – Legoland is fit for all.

With lots to do around Windsor, it also features additional attractions such as a theatre, boat trips along the River Thames, and railway stations for anyone who may be looking for more to do when searching the town.


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